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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the course price for 1 or 2 people?
A: The course price is per van or trailer with a maximum of two participants. So if you are a couple, you can both be trained for the price. If you are a single, why not bring a friend and split the cost with them?
Q: My partner is very experienced, do they need to come?
A: They don't NEED to come but it is highly recommended. We don't call our towing courses “relationship counselling” for no reason 🙂. Seriously, we use teaching techniques that your partner is likely unfamiliar with. By learning how we teach, they can support your learning.
Q: Is the course recognised training?
A: We get this question all the time because some training organisations sell you the idea that only a recognised course is worth doing or at least that a recognised course is better. My question is, recognised by whom, and for what purpose? There is no national licensing authority for towing caravans and certainly none that looks more favourably on any particular training course or qualification for recreational caravanners. Nationally Recognised courses are courses that are delivered as VET (Vocational Education and Training). Vocational Education and Training is education and training for work. The VET sector exists to develop the skills and knowledge of learners to help them gain meaningful employment, develop within or change their career.  So called Nationally Recognised courses contribute in part towards a Vocational qualification such as a Certificate or Diploma. In the case of “Drive and Manoeuvre Trailers AURTGA001” it contributes in part to a number of certificate qualifications – for example-
SFI40319- Certificate IV in Fisheries Compliance Certificate IV in Fisheries Compliance 1-2
AUR30516- Certificate III in Marine Mechanical Technology Certificate III in Marine Mechanical Technology 1-2
SFI20419- Certificate II in Fisheries Compliance Support Certificate II in Fisheries Compliance Support 1
SFI30419- Certificate III in Fisheries Compliance Certificate III in Fisheries Compliance 1-2
AUR30520- Certificate III in Marine Mechanical Technology Certificate III in Marine Mechanical Technology 1-2
FWP30216- Certificate III in Harvesting and Haulage Certificate III in Harvesting and Haulage
If you are seeking such a certificate, by all means go do a “Nationally Recognised Course” otherwise, why not do a course that covers all the same competencies and more with We issue you a certificate on completion of the course and give you lifetime access to us for any questions. We will shortly have a mobile app that you can carry with you on your phone, to remind you of all you learned.
It is my view that all Nationally Recognised training has done, is push up the prices of some courses.
Q: What qualifications does my trainer have to deliver this course?
A: The business owner, and your trainer has a lifetime of experience as an advanced driving instructor, and was a CAMS licensed rally driver. Your trainer holds the following qualifications
Certificate IV Trainer Assessor- means they are qualified to design and deliver training, design and deliver assessment.


AURTGA3001 – Drive and Manoeuvre Trailers

SISODRV302A –  Drive and recover a 4WD Vehicle

SISODRV404A – Drive a Vehicle in Difficult Terrain

SISODRV405A – Coordinate Recovery of a 4WD

PMASUP236B – Operate Vehicles in the Field

RIIVEH305A – Operate and Maintain a 4WD Vehicle

SRXEMR001A – Respond to Emergency Situations

SRXRIK001A – Undertake Risk Analysis of Activities

TLIC107C – Drive Vehicle (Low Risk Driver)

She has trained thousands of people in mining, exploration, remote health and much more. She was driver safety representative for a division of GE in Australia.

Q; I have never towed. Is the course difficult?
A: We've had lots of participants who were scared to get behind the wheel. Every single one of them has been delighted with what they learned. Some of the exercises may look difficult but when you know how, they become very simple.
Q: Can I hire a trailer/van
A: You can book a hire trailer with us but if you have your own van/trailer, we encourage you to bring it, as some of the learnings are specific to your set-up. If you buy a van after doing the course, we'll let you come along for a free refresher on a mutually suitable date.