Learn to Tow (on road)

Introduction to Learn to Tow (on road)
Unhitching and Hitching Your Trailer
Pre-Departure Checks
Tyres, Tyre Pressures and Breakdowns

Driving Forwards

Manoeuvring Forwards 

Of all the manoeuvring you will do with your car and trailer, driving forwards is perhaps the least difficult and least risky but that does not mean that there are not several things to be aware of and to learn about.

How Far Left is Too Far Left?

One of the skills you will practice, is that of placing your trailer’s left wheel/s as close as you can to the fog line (the line on the road shoulder) without looking in your mirror. This skill is essential to practice for situations where you have large oncoming vehicles and a very rough drop off to the shoulder. If your van wheel drops off, you risk losing control but how do you get far enough over to the left without taking your eyes off the oncoming truck?

It is really just a matter of recalibrating your judgement. we take you through a practice exercise which you can continue to practice in your own time.

Manoeuvring Around Tight Corners

The Petrol Bower Risk

Driving On Road- Driver fatigue and Other Factors

  • Towing is more stressful than normal driving.
  • It is important that you plan your trip to allow shorter driving distances than you would normally.
  • You should also plan to stop for a 15 minute break, every two hours
  • Always keep left unless overtaking
  • Use the middle lane in three lane built up areas.
  • Always consider the traffic behind you. Plan to let them past at regular intervals.