Learn to Tow (on road)

Introduction to Learn to Tow (on road)
Unhitching and Hitching Your Trailer
Pre-Departure Checks
Tyres, Tyre Pressures and Breakdowns

Maximum Dimensions

Trailer Designs

Trailers come in all shapes and sizes and designs, but LearntoTow.com.au courses only cover trailers that fit into the category of light trailers. Light trailers are any trailers less than 4.5 tonnes aggregate trailer mass (AGM). See Glossary of terms for an explanation of AGM.

Maximum Dimensions

Trailer dimensions are governed by national laws. The following dimensions apply to light trailers.

Maximum Width = 2.5m

Maximum Height = 4.3m

Maximum Trailer Length = 12.5m

Maximum Combined length = 19m, including any load.

Maximum Drawbar length = 8.5 m

Maximum Rear Overhang = 3.7m including attachments.

Minimum Ground Clearance = 100mm for any point within 1 m fore or aft of the axle.