Learn to Tow (on road)

Introduction to Learn to Tow (on road)
Unhitching and Hitching Your Trailer
Pre-Departure Checks
Tyres, Tyre Pressures and Breakdowns


Safely Unhitching Your Trailer


  • Chocks First
  • Chains Last

That tells you the direction of the workflow.

We don’t do any hitching or unhitching of an un-chocked trailer. So when unhitching your trailer, if you remember chocks first chains last that will tell you the sequence of the rest of the events, because you are working from the rear of the trailer towards the car. The only exception to this is the Jockey Wheel. So whenever you think chock the wheels also  think Jockey wheel. Chocks under wheels and Jockey Wheel fitted in sequence.

Then working from rear to front do each task in turn

 Take some weight off by winding up the jockey wheel, then release load distributors.- the tow hitch will sag.

  1. Remove load distributors
  2. Adjust the height to remove the sag using the jockey wheel (save your back)
  3. Check park brake engaged
  4. Unplug all electrics
  5. Release coupling
  6. Wind jockey wheel until coupling free
  7. Safety chains may now be removed if the trailer is stable.

This is why we left the chains until last. Too many trailers have rolled away at this point.

You should ensure you bring chocks for your van to the practical training session. If you don’t have chocks, you can purchase them in our store or at the course.

Our chocks are bright so that you hopefully don’t forget them

Caravan load distribution systems and break-away brakes make the hitching and unhitching more complex, so doing things in the correct order really matters.